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The support of our alumni, parents, friends, and the AUC community at large enables deserving students to have access to AUC education, and helps us provide an outstanding academic experience for our talented students.

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1.1 AUC Annual Fund: AUC most pressing needs (unrestricted)
1.2 AUC Annual Fund: Student Financial Assistance
1.3 AUC Annual Fund: Undergraduate Research
1.4 AUC Annual Fund: Senior Class Gift
2.1 Scholarships and Fellowships: Armenian Evangelical Congregational Church of Cairo Endowed Scholarship Fund
2.2 Scholarships and Fellowships: AUC Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund
2.3 Scholarships and Fellowships: Graduate Fellowship Fund
2.4 Scholarships and Fellowships: Palestinian Scholarship Fund
2.5 Scholarships and Fellowships: Public School Scholarship Fund
2.6 Scholarships and Fellowships: Student Union Scholarship Fund
3.1 Study Abroad and Experiential Learning: Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
3.2 Study Abroad and Experiential Learning: Iman Elshahidi Study Abroad Endowed Scholarship
3.3 Study Abroad and Experiential Learning: Internships Abroad Scholarship Fund
3.4 Study Abroad and Experiential Learning: Innovative Learning Program
4.1 Schools and Libraries: School of Business Fund
4.2 Schools and Libraries: School of Humanities and Social Sciences Fund
4.3 Schools and Libraries: School of Global Affairs and Public Policy Fund
4.4 Schools and Libraries: School of Sciences and Engineering Fund
4.5 Schools and Libraries: School of Continuing Education Fund
4.6 Schools and Libraries: AUC Libraries Fund
5.1 Research: Undergraduate Student Research
5.2 Research: Graduate Student Research
5.3 Research: Faculty Research
6.1 Awards and Tributes: George T. Scanlon Graduate Student Award in Arab and Islamic Civilizations
6.2 Awards and Tributes: J. Duggan Endowed Memorial Fund for AUC Library Staff
6.3 Awards and Tributes: Mahmoud El Lozy Endowed Award for Excellence in Theatre
6.4 Awards and Tributes: Medhat Haroun Endowed Award for Scholarly Excellence
6.5 Awards and Tributes: Nadia Younes Memorial Lecture

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