Cigna Health Insurance Online Payment 2023 in USD
Deadline for Payment:

Dear Cigna Participant,  

This site is created to facilitate payment of medical premium by Credit/Debit cards through the secured online service, you will need to elect the quarter due amount under the current level of coverage that you have chosen before making the payment.

The rate will remain the same with no change from the period starting January 1, 2023 till June 30, 2023 based on the fact that Cigna has been renewed for 6 month only. 

Payments can be made quarterly as per the below set due dates (no monthly payments are permitted under this methodology):

- 1st quarter: covering January, February & March: due before end of December 2022

- 2nd quarter: covering April, May & June: due before end of  March 2023

- 3rd quarter: covering July, August & September: due before end of June2023 

- 4th quarter: covering October, November & December: due before end of September 2023

For any inquires please contact HR office. 

NB: In case you would like to pay more than one quarter please select the number of quarters required to be paid or due.

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1-Retiree WW Single (3 months, year 2023)USD2710.72
2-Retiree WW Couple (3 months, year 2023)USD5232.25
3-Retiree WW Single Parent (3 months, year 2023)USD5232.25
4-Retiree WW Family (3 months, year 2023)USD7378.26
5-Retiree REG Single (3 months, year 2023)USD879.98
6-Retiree REG Couple (3 months, year 2023)USD1698.60
7-Retiree REG Single Parent (3 months, year 2023)USD1698.60
8-Retiree REG Family (3 months, year 2023)USD2394.98
9-Continuing/Lwop WW Single (3 months, year 2023)USD1793.04
10-Continuing/Lwop WW Couple (3 months, year 2023)USD3461.00
11-Continuing/Lwop WW Single Parent (3 months, year 2023)USD3461.00
12-Continuing/Lwop WW Family (3 months, year 2023)USD4880.39
13-Continuing/Lwop REG Single (3 months, year 2023)USD880.07
14-Continuing/Lwop REG Couple (3 months, year 2023)USD1698.90
15- Continuing/Lwop REG Single Parent(3 months, year 2023)USD1698.90
16-Continuing/Lwop REG Family (3 months, year 2023)USD2395.40
17-Active WW Single (3 months, year 2023)USD896.52
18-Active WW Couple (3 months, year 2023)USD1730.49
19-Active WW Single Parent (3 months, year 2023)USD1730.49
20-Active WW Family (3 months, year 2023)USD2440.22
21-Active REG Single (3 months, year 2023)USD440.03
22-Active REG Couple (3 months, year 2023)USD849.45
23-Active REG Single Parent (3 months, year 2023)USD849.45
24-Active REG Family (3 months, year 2023)USD1197.68

Total Cost:    

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